Our family has been asked by God to answer the cry of an adorable little boy in China to have a family!! He is a special little boy with an amazing, sweet heart even though his physical heart isn't "perfect". We are honored and blessed to answer his cry.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quick Update on Jace

First let me say thanks so much for all the prayers for Jace!! They definitely worked!!!
Jace had a very long day yesterday. He was in the cath lab from 815 until 130. They got lots of very good information on his heart. They also placed a stent in his pulmonary artery and ballooned another blood vessel. The dr was very pleased with all the results and the pressures within his heart. As I learn more about Jace's heart it becomes very clear that God definitely has a plan for him because with the way his heart is, it is a miracle he's alive!!!!
We then had the 6 hours of bed rest but Jace was such a good boy. I only had to remind him not to cross his legs and he even learned to use a urinal while lying in bed!! Ha
Jace faces another cath lab procedure and 1 maybe 2 open heart procedures over the next several months. We will keep you updated and appreciate the prayers sooooo much!!!!
God is good and will see Jace through all of this!! Going home today!! Jace can't wait to see his brothers and sisters!!!
Attached is a pic of Jace after he got off bed rest eating a yummy cookie that a dear friend brought him!!!
Thanks agin to everyone!!!!!!


  1. What a blessing that wonderful news is! Lifting him up. God certainly DOES have a plan for him.

    All my love,

  2. Praise the LORD!!!! God's timing is always perfect. We will continue to keep your boy in our prayers. It is so good to hear he is ready to go home to see his brothers and sisters.

  3. What great news! As always, we'll keep Jace and his surgeries in prayer. He is truly a miracle!

  4. Such a brave little man! Keeping you all close in thoughts and prayers as you face the procedures yet to come!

    Love and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya {and Khloe}

  5. i remember Whitney's cath in 2002--the laying still was the hardest part of all and she was 5 at the time. Thinking of your heart baby. Love and prayers from the Temples

  6. yes, jace is truly a miracle! As always, praying for him. Lucy Kate saw his picture, and said "i love Jace and he will give me some of his cookie!" So funny. Love you!!! Lisa

  7. It seems amazing that they seem to sense the need to stay still for 6 hrs. My Lily after having 2 caths while home at ages 2 and 4 never gave us a problem (even though we were overly concerned we would need to use the hold down moves as well). Glad to hear Jace's round one went well. I'll pray for future surgeries.
    Mommy to NDFH lovebug, Lillian