Our family has been asked by God to answer the cry of an adorable little boy in China to have a family!! He is a special little boy with an amazing, sweet heart even though his physical heart isn't "perfect". We are honored and blessed to answer his cry.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year!!!

Wow 2011 was quite a year. Jan of 2011 Darren showed me Jace's picture and said God wanted us to add to our family! Of course he didn't have to mention it twice to me. So we were consumed with loads of paperwork and in October Jace was placed with us. Since we got home with Jace I have been at home enjoying taking the kids to school, preparing good evening meals, and of course taking Jace to multiple appts! The time has flown by. Tomorrow I return to work and Jace starts preschool/daycare. It is bittersweet for me but reality returns! Jace is excited about "school" and he will love being around all the kids since that is what he is used to.
It will be interesting to see what 2012 holds for us. Jace has lots of big things to face medically but he is strong and God is in control! Thanks to everyone who continues to pray for Jace. He will need them over the next several months and we will keep you updated.
Blessing to all our family and friends for 2012.
Enjoy the pics of the kids at Christmas and what 2 big sisters do to their little brothers!!!


  1. Seeing that sweet boy AT HOME being loved by his siblings is priceless! So happy for Jace and for all of you!
    We'll continue to pray for him!

  2. I love seeing Jace in your family. He is just so very happy! We will be praying with him as he has upcoming medical procedures. Sorry that you have to go back to work, but it sounds like it will work well for your family. Happy new year!

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  4. So wonderful to see sweet Jace with his forever family. Our family became acquainted with New Day Foster Home where Jace was for so long through a connection with my sister. She and her husband have traveled there a couple of times with students groups from the Christian University where they work. We began following the updates on the New Day site and "kept track" of all the kids there for quite some time. The blog post about Jace receiving a photo of your family and showing it to all his friends at New Day brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. We had sort of fallen in love with a couple of other boys at New Day as we continued to pray about God's perfect child to add to our family through adoption. We had already made the decision to adopt and were combing many sites looking at kids with special needs who were available. As it turns out, we were matched with a beautiful boy who lives nowhere near New Day, and we are thrilled and blessed beyond measure as we wait for the process to move along. We sent our dossier to China on Feb. 3 and still await an official login date and, of course, the referral approval. We expect to travel sometime this summer.

    Anyway, that's a lot of information from someone you don't know and have never met! :-) But I just thought I'd connect with you, because we feel as though we almost know your sweet Jace, and we've certainly prayed for him and others at New Day. God bless you and your beautiful family. Jace looks so very happy to be surrounded by all of you in these pictures you've posted. :-)

    Heather Byrd