Our family has been asked by God to answer the cry of an adorable little boy in China to have a family!! He is a special little boy with an amazing, sweet heart even though his physical heart isn't "perfect". We are honored and blessed to answer his cry.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Update after surgery

Just a quick update on Jace before I try to get some rest. Surgery got moved up last week and took place on Wednesday and lasted from 9-530. The day was long but Jace made it through the surgery. The surgeon said the first 24 hours would be the most critical. And boy were those some stressful, rocky hours. We dealt with bleeding, weird heart rhythms, fever, breathing difficulties and extreme fear and pain!! This is Jaces third heart surgery. Most kids have this 3rd surgery by age 3. Jace didn't get the 2nd surgery in China til he was 3. So unfortunately I think he remembers that and has had lots of anxiety and fear! However each day has gotten a little better with an occasional bump along the way. But today he could set in my lap which he had been asking for nonstop so he was happy. Also his best friend from China, Vincent stopped by to visit!!
The prayers have worked and we are so appreciative. The surgeon told me that of all his complex hearts and surgeries Jace ranks at the top!! Thinking we shouldn't be proud of that! But overall he is very pleased. This is the first time Jace has ever had pink lips, fingernails, and toenails. Amazing!! God is definitely in control of Jace's destiny.
We hope we are out of here soon!! The doctors and nurses have been amazing. And all our friends, especially Ryan and Courtney who spent the long surgery day with us and Jodi who brought Justin up and visited several times and grandma and grandpa for putting up with our other 3 kids we can't thank you enough!! And for all the prayers thank you. We are very blessed!!

Top pic is before surgery.
Pics below are Jace during a sterile dressing change. We all wore hat and mask. He thought it was fun. The other is 2 China brothers reunited!!! :)


  1. Oh what great photos... my favorite is of Jace and Vincent together ~ we love them both!! And to see his lips PINK ~ well, PRICELESS!!! I will never forget how blue/purple they were, and how short breathed he would get when he was still in China. He always wanted one of us to carry him. He is the SWEETEST boy and we have been keeping you all close in thought and prayer during this time. Praying he has a very BRIGHT future ahead of him, filled with the testimony of God's amazing grace and healing in His life! PTL!! God is good! <><

    Tanya (and Khloe ♥)

  2. That is soooo awesome that you were able to get those two together!!! We are still praying for Jace. Thanks for updated us. God has a plan for this boy. You are a great mom, too! I hope you get out of the hospital soon. We are praying for that and that Jace heals quickly.

  3. So glad to see him smiling!!! He hasn't been far from our thoughts and prayers since you left! I agree with Amy... something big planned for this boy!!

  4. What a blessing that Vincent was able to visit. I'm sure that special friend boosted Jace's spirits! We've been continuing to pray for your precious one!

  5. Tell Jace we are praying for a fast recovery from his healing heart! He always has a smile on his face even in the toughest of circumstances. Tell him that Timothy and Samuel (aka David) originally from New Day (adopted 3 months ago) are sending him prayers from Florida!
    So good to see Vincent with him, too!

  6. It's so wonderful to see Jace's smiling face! We have been praying and praying! He is a trooper! Praise God for wonderful doctors and nurses...and sweet friends who are being His hands and feet to you during this time! We continue to pray for sweet Jace's recovery!

  7. So happy everything went well! Congratulations!