Our family has been asked by God to answer the cry of an adorable little boy in China to have a family!! He is a special little boy with an amazing, sweet heart even though his physical heart isn't "perfect". We are honored and blessed to answer his cry.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane!!

Last Sunday Jace turned 5. That was officially his last birthday in China. We are so excited to finally be going to get him. I've been savings lots of birthday kisses for him.
We ask for prayers for safe travel. We also ask for prayers for our kids who will be at home and for the grandma's and grandpa's staying with them!! May be a long 2 weeks.
Below is our travel itinerary:

10/19 Leave for Beijing
10/20-23 Tour Beijing and meet some VERY special people
10/23 Take train to Taiyuan (Jace's province)
10/24 Jace's Gotcha Day
10/28 Fly to Guangzhou
11/1 Appt with US Consulate
11/2 Take van to Hong Kong
11/3 Fly home. YEAH!!!!

We will try to keep this updated during our trip. Thank you to everyone for your love and support!!

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  1. We're so excited for you guys! Praying for a safe trip and a smooth transition for all of you!