Our family has been asked by God to answer the cry of an adorable little boy in China to have a family!! He is a special little boy with an amazing, sweet heart even though his physical heart isn't "perfect". We are honored and blessed to answer his cry.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Touring Beijing

We made it safely to Beijing. Friday we spent the day with some VERY special people. Lots of fun. Today we went to Tiananmen Square then the Forbidden City!! Incredible! Then we went to the Great Wall. Even more amazing. We took a lift up, which for those of you who know Darren and his fear of heights he saw none of that. Eyes were closed and knuckles white!! Then we walked a good portion of the wall. Wow I am out of shape. We were supposed to take a toboggan down but the line was so long we walked the entire way down. Knew I would never get Darren on the lift again.
Tomorrow we take the train to Jace's province and will get him Monday am. That will be Sunday night your time. Can't wait!!!!
Will share a few pics from our adventure today. Lots of Jace pics to come soon!!

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